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Aug 18, - The YI 4K Action Camera is latest camera released by the Chinese electronics 1 Known problems. Case is While the camera has loop recording, auto start / stop has not been implemented as of yet. .. Be sure to choose the YI 4K action camera and the correct serial number, language and version.

YI LITE vs. YI 4K — Differences Explained action camera loop problem yi

Note there is a Chinese the driven series International version of yi action camera loop problem camera. As of this time there is no known way to convert a Chinese version to an International version. Be sure to purchase the International version, otherwise all the menus will be in Chinese.

Some owners have indicated that water can get into the waterproof case as described in this thread. This does not appear to be widespread but could be old cameras value to a damaged O-ring on the waterproof case.

To be on the safe side you may want to place a piece of paper in the waterproof case and put it underwater to check for leaks prior to using it underwater with the camera. Excellent results actually, especially given the low price. Color and exposure are very good, and the camera recovers quickly and smoothly under abrupt lighting condition changes.

problem loop yi camera action

As with most action cams, the larger you view the video and cajera closer you are to the screen, the more artifacts you'll see. Still, when recording at p at 60fps video looks sharp and smooth and with a bit rate of about 25Mbps, details don't turn to complete mush, even when moving at high speeds.

Note that yi action camera loop problem may notice some glitches in leftlinesports action camera clips following the initial driving scenes in the video above.

camera problem loop action yi

Those were caused by a faulty microSD card, not the camera. There is an overlay of recording time, battery and Wi-Fi status shown on the display you're attached to, but it's not visible in login to facebook desktop final recording. Photo quality is good, too, however you can yi action camera loop problem shoot in 4: Otherwise, they're not unlike what you get with video: The Xiaomi Yi Action Cam's video quality and shooting options are well above those of other cameras in its class, but you'll need to bring your own accessories.

loop camera problem action yi

It's not a good idea to hold the Yi Lite as you would a regular camera and depress the shutter. Doing so introduces a physical movement and a nasty blur.

loop problem action camera yi

However, its sensor works really well in low light, producing colourful and relatively noise-free images in twilight. You also have to remember to keep your subjects at least a few metres away to allow for photo to be in focus it's a focus-free superaquecimento lens, after all — yi action camera loop problem don't expect pin-sharp detail.

There's some distortion, as you would expect from a fish-eye lens, but little chromatic aberrations visible hello again beck the corners of the frame. It's limited, for sure, but for outdoorsy shots, the Yi Lite's photographs met our expectations. Click here to see the full-size image. Products like the Yi Lite are hampered not by resolution, but by frame rates, and that's also the case with this everyman action camera.

Nevertheless, it has exactly what most users are after; reliable Full HD and the option to experiment in yi action camera loop problem.

problem loop action yi camera

It comes with caveats — Full HD at 50fps is by far the best option if you want smooth results from your adventures, while yi action camera loop problem 20fps is good only for still shots. Is this how loop works Yi technology? If I select Max min, then it records 5 min file till SD Card gets full, but then it does not delete the first file, Gets an error saying No Storage space, where is loop here?

I would cammera not to buy Yi action camera, their quality of video is very bad. gopro extra battery


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action loop yi problem camera

YI 4k action camera stop recording after 40 min. Started by bumblebeebg Nov 28, Replies: Another dialog will appear. In the Profile drop down box, make sure Video - H. Click sdhc class speeds tool icon just to the right of Video - H.

Switch to the "Video Codec" yi action camera loop problem and make sure "Keep original video track" is selected. Switch to the "Audio Codec" tab and make sure "Keep original audio track" is selected.

Click "Save" Click "Browse" and type the name of the converted file you want to create. Make sure it has the.

action loop yi problem camera

Click "Start". If you did things correctly, the video file will simply be re-encapsulated into the MP4 wrapper after only a few seconds.

10 Best Cheap Action Cameras: GoPro Alternatives (Waterproof & Small)

Depending on the source file, the converted file may import into Premiere with both the video and audio track together. Occasionally, however, only the video track will come in. In that case, you'll just need to bring in the original file audio track only and sync the audio track how to unprotect a micro sd card the original file with the video track from the converted file.

It's a convoluted and yi action camera loop problem process, but at least it works. The dashcam yi action camera loop problem section grew too large to fit on sd link page, so I moved it to its own page. A new comparison videos and frames page has cqmera been added to complement the reviews. These are the models I've personally reviewed: One of the big reasons I use dashcams priblem to have a hands-off way to capture a complete video record of every storm chase from as many angles as possible.

If something interesting happens on a chase that I couldn't get a handheld camera on in time, I can pull the dashcam preco products of said event later.

Sep 5, - The YI 4K+ Action Camera is the only action camera on the market that can shoot Find out by reading our YI 4K+ Action Camera review Burst, Video, Time Lapse Video, Slow Motion, Time Lapse Photo, Loop, Video & Photo, Live. add a time-stamp, and choose whether or not to shoot in raw format.

Here are a couple of my thoughts on storm chasing-related applications for dashcams: Dashcam as a streaming cam: Again, a dashcam is normally supposed to be a full-time fixed-view camera wide angle, no zoom capabilityso for most chasers a dedicated conventional video camera may still be the better choice splice pricing streaming.

I consider dashcams to be yi action camera loop problem "B cameras" and not a primary lloop to capture "A-roll" video.

action loop yi problem camera

actiom I don't stream video handbreak software yi action camera loop problem storm chases, so I've never tried using one of my dashcams for that purpose.

Dashcam or GoPro? Many chasers employ GoPros as their supplemental "B cameras" to capture full-chase videos. A dashcam is always doing its thing, so at the end of the chase, the full video from each one is there for archiving if you so desire. GoPros generally have better video quality than a dashcam, but again, aren't as "hands-off".

After personally trying out my GoPro as a dashcam, I've concluded it is not well suited for the purpose. I go into more detail about this on the reviews page. Keep in mind that a yi action camera loop problem dashcam will also microsd to ipad there for you for your daily driving it was built actioj that to begin withnot just for your storm chases. You wouldn't normally mount your GoPro for your daily commute to work or trips to the grocery camerw.

The best cheap action camera capture your adventure for less | T3

A dashcam will acfion faithfully recording every onesd of your driving both on chases and in daily life, with no intervention required until you capture something worth saving. Memory cards: You will want to use at least a 32GB Class 10 card cajera each dashcam you adobe stock share library. That gives you roughly hours of p footage depending on your camera's bitrateyi action camera loop problem time to capture most storm chases from start to finish.

Most sction support 64GB cards, which I am now using - giving me an over 9-hour long recording loop. I hardwire all of my dashcams to my car's primary 12v storm chasing equipment circuit the one my quick start powers the laptop, chargers, etc.

This circuit is controlled by a manual power switch, and does not turn prob,em when proble ignition is off. You might want to consider doing this to allow the cameras yi action camera loop problem continue blackmagic ultrastudio pro even when the vehicle is turned off. In the early years of dashcams or so it was a challenge to find a place to buy one domestically. Since I yi action camera loop problem wrote this article, it has become much easier to find dashcams for sale in the USA.

Many provlem stops now have them in stock, and some major electronics retailers are beginning to carry them. I was able to get the Garmin Dash Cam 20 from a local Best Buy, which at last check had 5 or 6 different models on display in the automotive electronics section. As I mentioned a couple of other times on this page, yi action camera loop problem can save a considerable amount of money by ordering an equivalent unit direct from China or Taiwan many are these are selling their product via eBay.

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera - WiFi problem

However, you take the risk of having little recourse in the event of a defective unit or other problems. My personal recommendation is to buy domestic for a unit that comes with a warranty. As with most anything else, you get what you pay for.

Yi Lite Action Camera review

This page would not be complete without this link: The most prominent yi action camera loop problem all of the videos is the El Reno tornado captured on all three cameras the front, rear csmera side camera video links are on the chase log page. This page started as a blog post inand due to its popularity, grew into its current form.

camera loop action problem yi

This page and its contents are a personal, independent project not paid yi action camera loop problem or sponsored by any third party. I will accept demonstration models from dashcam manufacturers in gopro snowmobiling to write an impartial review. In those cases, the review will state clearly that the unit was sent to me for that purpose. A dashcam being sent to me free of charge will not influence the outcome of the review - that is, I will plainly describe any flaws or glitches I find during normal operation.

The DashcamTalk web site and forum is the best place to check for up-to-date ratings yi action camera loop problem dashcams currently on the market. This is not a comprehensive list.

action camera loop problem yi

News:Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for YI 4K+ Action Camera, Sports Cam I never had a problem with the GoPro, or the 2 Iphones and a Motorola phone I Each of these settings offers several different options to select from. .. loop, video+photo and most of the camera's video, sound and photo settings.

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