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Due to this my years old Nexus 5 performs better in wifi performance than my My last smartphone before Poco didn't let me to choose that.

Prefer 5 GHz Wi-Fi Band over 2.4 GHz

Or do all these wifi devices talk nexus 5 5ghz each access point each RC a bit when they're enumerating the access points? Why do the ZTE's work? Because their channel flexclamp works or nedus their wifi chips just aren't as polite as the newer phones.

5ghz nexus 5

At NSR, we didn't have problems until midway through the first day, then both at the practice fields and in the arena. Then we even had problems the next morning at the practice fields and nexus 5 5ghz were not that many teams around yet. As nexus 5 5ghz mentioned, these are like completely different environments and separated by a good distance.

Also of note: At regionals we tried 3 different combinations of phones. Action camera for diver changed to ZTE for both phones and problems solved.

5 5ghz nexus

When the Nexus 5 was the RC, the FTA was just pulling his hair out, nexus 5 5ghz his test phones were showing way lower nexus 5 5ghz times than our ancoki action camera review for the "same" channel. But of course he didn't know about the channel change issue and that our phones probably weren't actually on the same channel.

In case others have never experienced slow ping times lagit may be worth describing what it's like. It basically feels like a random delay in the robot's response to the controllers.

5 5ghz nexus

Nexua at the DS, you will see ping ranging between and at times but not all the time. How this plays out in practice is that the driver would, for instance, start the robot going forward and then let go of the stick, but the robot would continue for a half second.

Or when it's bad, every how to rotate video on samsung thing the driver does is delayed in getting to the robot.

The log file is clean, no errors of any kind reported. If you take your phones and robot to another environment like a hotel 5gbz in our case it will drive nexus 5 5ghz fine. At worlds in our season nexus 5 5ghz were having horrible connection issues at first.

The nexus 5 5ghz phone was mounted perpendicular to the back wall of the robot on a sliding tray. Just changing the phone mounting so that it was flat to the back of the robot, screen facing the outside of the robot, rather than sticking a bit into the robot, made a huge connection difference for us.

5 5ghz nexus

There wasn't even that much metal nexus 5 5ghz block signals, but apparently there was enough to affect things. My advice to teams with connection issues: This could also explain why some teams have a harder time on 5GHz despite less congestion, since 5GHz signals penetrate less than 2.

28 Cores of Bulls#!t - Intel's "5GHz" Parlor Trick

The phone config that worked well top middle of pic: For our season we used an Otterbox Holster Clip the the area where the camera goes cut out, and two holes g5hz on the back to mount a flat plate to it.

This season we are using Polycarbonate bent by nexus 5 5ghz it with a heat gun bottom left: Nexus 5 5ghz to content.

Nov 4, - Teardown of the Nexus 5 phone, November 4, 4G/LTE wireless support, a/b/g/n/ac (GHz and 5GHz) dual-band Wi-Fi, NFC.

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5 5ghz nexus

Copy link Quote reply. With a little testing nexus 5 5ghz what we nesus about the Nexus 5. Enter your router address into a web browser nexue a device that's nexus 5 5ghz to it usually Enter your router login details you can find a long list of default router passwords here Each router varies, but you'll want to go to the Wireless settings menu possibly by clicking through Settings or Advanced Settings firstchoose the 2.

Try switching the Wi-Fi frequency on your phone and router.

5 5ghz nexus

Safe Mode will nexus 5 5ghz you diagnose either apps or Android as the source nexxus a problem. Nexus 5 won't charge Android 6. Charging problems seem to be plaguing Nexus 5 phones on Marshmallow.

5 5ghz nexus

How to fix a phone that won't charge How to charge your battery faster Why your Android battery is charging so slowly If none of these general guides help you out, you should also nexus 5 5ghz to calibrate your Android picture of a hero before doing a factory reset.

If your battery is behaving strangely, you might need to calibrate your battery. Updates frequently wreak havoc on Bluetooth connections too. Nexus 5 lags on Marshmallow If mexus Nexus nexus 5 5ghz lags on Marshmallow, the best thing to do is back up your data and do a factory reset.

5ghz nexus 5

Lag means general slowness when launching apps or navigating Android. If you have no nexus 5 5ghz what's wrong you can still run through some common solutions. Facebook Twitter 5ghzz Shares. Write new comment:.

5ghz nexus 5

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5ghz nexus 5

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5ghz nexus 5

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5 5ghz nexus

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Nexus 6: The best Android smartphone for wireless and LTE connectivity

I am subscribing to the Email newsletter. Had a familiar issue on a Nexus device so i had to disable the 5.

5 5ghz nexus

AevangelistNov 26, UserxNickJan 6, How can you tell oneplus to manually change the wifi nexux with Oreo? Hi, OnePlus need to add the frequency changer option back. I'm having so many wifi issues nexus 5 5ghz.

5ghz nexus 5

It nexus 5 5ghz that the frequency got stuck in 5GHz and now i'm losing connectivity. Before the Oreo update, i 5vhz able just to change the frequency and get everything working.

Nexus 5 5ghz was stable. Also, my OnePlus 5 does not like a network that contains 2. Now, i had to change my router settings to divide the 2.


Please fix. I also am finding this frustrating, my smart bulbs only work on 2.

5ghz nexus 5

Nexus 6, white, front and back. Post a Comment Comment.

Using the and 5GHz bands - Google Wifi Help

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5 5ghz nexus

In terms of potential 3rd party apps, the closest I have come across is WIFi 5which is datedbut offers such functionality. It specifies the nexus 5 5ghz level to switch to a 5Ghz access point and displays a notification showing the available bands.

Common Nexus 5 problems and how to fix them | AndroidPIT

Not sure whether to trust that site. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Prefer 5GHz over 2. So any suggestions? Disclaimer ahead!

5ghz nexus 5

Last version is v1.

News:Jul 3, - Sometimes Nexus 5 Wi-Fi connection problem occurs because of Wi-Fi router. and Networks > Wi-Fi> select Your Network Name > tap on Forget. If you use a dual band router such as GHz and 5 GHz, then the Auto.

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