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Feb 23, - This is my favorite mode when I don't need slow motion. . If you choose to switch out of auto, you have the option of choosing a shutter speed For example, chest camera mountain biking would be a great use-case (one.


Photo Burst.

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Self Timer. Special Functions. Field of Vision. Fisheye Adjustment.

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Metering function. Long Exposure. Scene Mode.

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Quick Capture. Dual Files. Microphone Volume.

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This tutorial was made using an Android phone, but the application also exists for iPhone. Once the application is installed, activate the WiFi camera. To do this, simply press the up button on the side of the camera. You can now connect your phone to the WiFi network "ActionCam" using the password Please look forward to our follow up tutorial where we show you how to use the app itself. If you experience problems please contact the developer directly.

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Time-lapse photography is a technique whereby the frequency at which frames are captured is much lower than that tp to view the sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing.

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Here is an example made with the XPRO2 shot in p with a frequency of 1 frame per second. To use the Time Lapse mode the camera must be on for several hours. Make sure your battery is fully charged.

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You can also use an external sllow during the Time lapse recording as shown in the example below. Please be sure that the camera doesn't move at all during recording.

Part 2. 2 Free Video Speed Editor

You can use the following accessories to hold the camera still while filming: Chapter Eight Leaving Home. Chapter Nine MatchyMatchy.

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Chapter Eleven On to the Promised Land. Chapter Thirteen Benediction. Chapter Fourteen Coming Home. Chapter Fifteen Cardiology.

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Depending on what fps you are shooting at, you can lower the frame rate in editing to get a slow motion effect. Use this table to get the right percentages so that the footage looks smooth when adding a slow motion effect and be sure to maie the FPS wlow on your GoPro that is best for your video and environment.

The field of view, also called FOV is the amount of area the camera lens can cover in front of it.

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You can think of the FOV in terms of zoom: Depending on your subject and how much scenery you want to cover you can pick one of my loca three FOV settings. The ultrawide setting is the default and effectively sloww everything in front of the lens to give you an immersive experience. The other two will give you narrower views.

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Apart from frame rate, the resolution of the video also has a lot to do with how the final product will jotion. The higher the resolution the better the video quality will be.

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The resolution also has an inverse relationship with the frame rate: To shoot a great motiom you will have to take into account all three variables; frame rate, field of view, and resolution. You can use VideoProc to convert slow motion videos captured by GoPro at p fps or p fps to a normal frame rate like 30fps. Run VideoProc on your computer, click the Video button on the main interface, drag how to make my video slow motion source GoPro slow motion video you want to process.

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Click the codec Option button on the right side to get options to change video frame rate. Then click the Done button below to save the settings and close the screen. Click the RUN button at the bottom right corner to process the frame rate conversion.

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Load the source clip, click the codec Option button, and click the Edit Video option at the top. Now you gopro4 silver see the Playback Vidwo slider bar. Drag the slide bar to adjust GoPro footage playback speed.

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Use the Preview window to view changes. GoPro Fisheye: Gabriel is a technical editor with several years of writing experience.

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Gabriel covers video processing, post-production, hardware, Windows, Apple's Macs, iPhones, iPads, and all kinds of technology topics. He loves collecting cool gadgets and trying new things like mmy reality, drones, 8K TVs and the latest 4K games.

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He also has interests in reading, photography, climbing, scuba diving, and tennis. Aiming to be the leading digital media company, Digiarty Software, Inc.

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News:Sep 26, - Here's my guide to get better GoPro photos and video! To take get the most out of your GoPro you really should pick up a few . a gimbal is to use higher frame rates to get good slow-motion footage. For example, if you are mountain biking quickly down a hill, if you can mount the camera to the bike in a.

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