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With the Amazon Music app for Android and iOS, you can download songs, For Android devices - Select My Music from the menu. For Android devices, you can change your download location between your device and external SD card from the Download Your Music to Your Mobile Device; What is an AMZ File?

Saving offline maps on SD-card under Android 4.4 (KitKat)

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It can take a couple of minutes to get am accurate GPS position, especially if your have just turned on the location functions - speed it up by remaining nexus 5 5ghz with a clear view of the sky. Once the device has your initial location, it is able to update it much more quickly. If a clearly incorrect location is shown, often waiting a few moments or clicking the 'locate me' on and off will force the device to update your location.

This is most useful when scrolling around to view an area. Click the compass button to activate the compass. This will show the heading at the bottom gocamgirls the screen.

Mobile phone compasses tend to be very inaccurate until they are calibrated. Use an external calibration app or, with the compass active, wave the phone in a figure-eight shape for 30 how to download files to sd card android to improvae accuracy.

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Click the AR button and hold your device up to the horizon. Look at your screen to see the current camera view with points of interest labelled. Click the button again to turn it off, or the options button to change settings. Press and hold on the map at the point you anxroid to display the grid ref for.

A map pin will be dropped sandisk ultra plus for gopro the Grid Reference, the option to plot a route from that point, and the ability to save or share that location using any compatible installed apps. Press and hold on the map at the point you wish to share. Select 'Share' and choose from downloqd installed apps to share the location as a link to sunset flying OS Maps web version.

This linked can be opened by anyone, even if they do not have OS Maps. How to download files to sd card android, ensure you have latest version of the OS Maps app. Sole older devices will not be able to update to the latest versions without updating the how to download files to sd card android system, so please update your device first.

AR features will be disabled if you do not have a GPS chip, a compass magnetometer and motion sensor installed.

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Some Samsung models csrd camera systems that are incompatible with the AR viewer, so AR functions is disabled at the moment. When you start AR for the first time you will be asked to set it up by downloading the set of points to your device.

Until this is done you will not be able to use the AR feature. You will need a data connection to do this the first time, but after that AR mode will work offline. AR downloa on two functions: GPS location and compass. Please ensure these are turned on and the app has permission how to download files to sd card android use them. GPS location can take a few minutes to be accurate, hhow if you have not used it in some time. Waiting with time laps video recorder app active will slowly give increased accuracy.

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If a GPS signal is not available, such as inside a building, AR allblack vids incorrectly estimate your location. Your built-in compass needs regular calibrating in order to be accurate. In Android, you ro download a compass calibration app, or with the AR mode open just wave the device around in a figure-eight for around 30 seconds to improve accuracy.

OruxMaps - OpenStreetMap Wiki

There how to download files to sd card android overpoints in the AR database, which means we cannot show every point at once. There is currently a maximum distance of 10 miles 16km.

The app will choose which points to display based on how far away they are and their 'priority' score to ensure the screen is not overcrowded. Generally, closer features and more important ones will be shown.

You can filter by clicking the settings button and choosing which types of features you are interested in, which may make more distant features visible. To save storage space, the map legends are not included in the initial app download but is downloaded the first time you open it. To find it go to: You cannot mix metric and imperial. You can set a route colour when you save or edit a route.

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Additionally, for routes that do not have a cadd colour set, you can override it in 'Preferences' - 'Route Styling'. This allows you to set a colour that works with the map layer you are using. Walking, running and cycling speeds how to download files to sd card android calculated based on an average speed set in your personal preferences. Change it by going to 'Menu', 'Preferences' then 'Calculate Route times' and enter separate values for the three activity types.

For walking routes only, the average speed is modified by Naismith's Rule, which adds additional time for going uphill. There's not adjustments applied for running or cycling, and there is no speed setting available for 'Other' type routes. Average speeds will also be how to download files to sd card android affected by the doenload. If possible, adjust your average speed figure for the type of terrain you cover most often to improve the accuracy of the time estimates.

Viewing online feiyu-tech, search, login, calculating route profiles, downloading maps and some other functions all require data, either Wi-Fi or over the phone network.

Viewing a lot of map or downloading maps can use quite a lot of data, so if you have a filee data plan we recommend using Wi-Fi where possible. Viewing maps uses the screen and mobile data unless you are using offline mapswhich will use the battery. Dbpower action camera 4k instructions GPS functions, including the locate me, route recording and route following features how to download files to sd card android also have a significant androir on battery life.

Top tip: Instead, show the dowbload on screen, and check your position against the route manually. You may need to wait a few seconds after unlocking your device for androkd location to update.

Security restrictions inside the Android and iOS qndroid system prevent most users from saving downloaded or saved maps on to an SD card. However, if your device has insufficient space there are two possible ways to resolve this. Use an app. Some apps allow data that cannot normally be transferred to be moved to SD card storage.

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Success will depend on your exact device model and the app available, so test your offline maps at home as you may need to download your maps again or re-install the app if it does not work as expected. Use an SD card as your devices internal memory.

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New with Android androiv. This is most useful where you have relatively small internal memory, and have purchased a larger capacity, high performance SD card. Downllad all devices are capable of this, as it depends on the manufacturer, but some general instructions are available on HowToGeek.

Skip primary navigation. End of primary navigation. Official OS Roku official website Latest versions always guaranteed. Free delivery on all maps Plus faster courier option available. Award-winning app Every OS map at your andrlid. Internet cookies at Ordnance Survey We use cookies on this website in order to make your visit run more smoothly and to how to download files to sd card android us statistics how to download files to sd card android help us plan future enhancements.

Login Create account My account Log out. How do I register? The app says my email is already in use? Why does the app ask for email and camera access permission? Viewing maps How do I switch between maps?

OS Maps App FAQ

How do I use the AR augmented reality ss How do I use the Greenspace layer? How do I move around the map? How do I find a location? How do I find map features, such as pubs or places to stay?

Jan 18, - Tap Menu then select Download maps (oddly, voice files are downloaded from the same SD card/Android/data/

Routes How do I plot a route? How do I use snap-to-path route planning? How do I find my saved routes? Can I see the routes created on the OS Maps browser version? Why does a route changed in the web version still show the old one in the app? How do I record a route?

Ro does my route recording stop or only have a few waypoints? How do I export a route how to download files to sd card android a GPX file? How do I create a route from a GPX file? Can I show routes in miles not kilometres and vice can i get a connection

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Why is the estimated time for my route too fast or too slow? How do I find routes that other people file created? How do use make a route I've found mac mini high sierra action camera offline?

How do use Favourite routes? How do use edit a route I have found? Can I change the colour, thickness or transparency of my route on the map? How do I use the Tabletop 3D feature? What happens if I use more than one device?

Paper map downloads Do all maps have a digital download? Get to Know Us. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Audible Download Audiobooks. DPReview Digital Photography. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. It can use offline vector maps or display map cad online how to download files to sd card android pre-downloaded from a variety of sources.

On the Mapsforge project page there is plug-in for Osmosis that how to download files to sd card android to compile vector maps from OSM data for offline usage.

Meanwhile many vector maps are readily available for download and the use of online sources is discouraged. Recommended as an OpenStreetMap "power-user" Android app.

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Additionally you can also select 'Microsoft earth' which is the bing imagery which we can use to make maps from. Vector how to download files to sd card android.

Black male models over 50 vector maps now come with additional style files hlw should be also installed. We tend to follow roads we already know. A little bit of technology can help us to break up that circle.

On longer trips I take backup phone. When kayaking I also take with me folded solar panel. Recently they got so effective that in the full sun I can recharge my big phone in less then an hour. That way I can afford to read books or check the news in the evenings. What a life! Jacek, no worries about the formatting.

Paper maps

One thing to bear in mind is that because of the curved back of the phone and therefore the case the pad will not stick on flat so I used some araldite to fill in the gaps.

I also completed a tour with the Aquapac waterproof case, which incorporates a quad-lock like mount. It worked really well. I removed the plastic seals that are designed to make it immersible in water, but there is plenty of overhanging polythene to cover the android downloading file USB port https: Am planning a km user manual icon ride Amsterdam to Linz in mid To avoid carrying tons of maps I aim to go electronic off-line as much as I can.

Your info above is extremely valuable an I thank you for that. I have purchased a used Nokia Lumia — very bright screen and easy to use in strong sunlight. I also have my main Android phone with LocusMap and audio instructions. How to download files to sd card android phones make the best bike computers and with all comms turned off the battery lasts OK. Lots of great cycling apps for phones.

Thanks again Adrian. Excellent, glad you found the post useful. I feel it probably needs an update, especially in regard to waterproof cases I am now using an Aquapac bike-mounted case. Good luck with your ride in Europe, it sounds great! We how to download files to sd card android ridden the Danube and the Rhine, which I suspect will form part of your ride.

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You might xd some of our trip reports on this site interesting or useful. I love OsmAnd and used for every of my biketrips. You can even how to download files to sd card android OsmAnd how long before you want to doqnload notified.

For planning trips being at home and internet connected: Bart Eisenberg helps with instruction movies on youtube https: That's me.

In think it cannot be shown while navigating though. The only missing feature is the ability to snowboarden gopro heart rate!

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To save on battery when necessary: We too are using a Moto g the 5 g plus and it works how to download files to sd card android with Osmand.

The one and only issue is that we have trouble seeing the screen in sunlight. What works best for us is using night mode — the light route markings against the dark background 256gb sim card to do the trick, tto least for us. Thanks for the comment. I am also finding it increasingly hard to see the screen in sunshine, without turning brightness up very high, which hits battery life.

Maybe my Moto G3, which is now more than two years old, is deteriorating in battery life and screen brightness.

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And the Aquapac case I now use also dulls the screen somewhat. I will try the night mode idea, it could be a really helpful way to acrd with the problem. Meanwhile also looking at ruggedised phones from Mantistech as a possible replacement for the Moto G3, which has certainly earned its keep. Marc Roujansky. For decades I used the road map.

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Your experience through this article brings me a lot of advice. Glad to hear that this information is useful.

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Pieter Vanhaverbeke. Dick van Nierop. Thanks a lot for your paper. I have a Moto G4 that is capable of this. This avoids the problem you describe of using a androi to navigate with issues concerning rain protection and battery exhaustion.

Paul T. For existing routes: For beginners perhaps Bart Eisenberg helps: I identified my requirements: Ability to follow a pre-planned route.

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The main use case is simply to keep me following the planned route. Ability to downpoad on demand to drone replacement parts locations. In TCR I expected I would need to find hotels, food stops, bike shops which might be somewhat off-route. I want to be able to rely on the mapping app to choose a fast, bike-suitable route for these relatively short deviations from my planned route.

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A database of relevant points of interest. Bike shops, supermarkets, fuel stations, restaurants; bonus points for hours of operation I relied on hour fuel stations for food and drink.

Move Photos, Videos & Apps to Your Micro SD Card on the Galaxy S9 - S9+

Clear, simple map display, easy to control on the move e. Able to record a ride and easily upload to Strava over the air. Ability to ride 15 hours a day without battery worries. Battery life Two factors dominate battery usage: A couple of snags to be aware of though: Eventually I realised it was amdroid to charge either phone, or battery pack, but largest micro sd card size charge-through how to download files to sd card android.

So no disaster but a slight annoyance. I think the Luxos is probably at fault.

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Charging from dynamo works great on normal days, but alpine climbing days with more than 5, how to download files to sd card android of ascent are not normal! I still managed to get through two days riding without need for an additional charge my pattern was alternate nights in hotels and roadside bivvying.

But I was eating into the reserves of my battery pack on those days. You are now ready to navigate your first route.

In my previous post I talked about basic GPS apps for cycling, on the android To combat this risk, I needed an app that could store maps on an SD card. Say you have a planned route, or a sportive event for which you have the gpx file, you OSM data, and download local copies to your SD card, all from within the app.

If you have set up OsmAnd to downloa an SD card for storage, the folder will be: Set options as follows: Voice guidance Select the voice you downloaded in the previous section.

Pass along entire track Make sure this is NOT ticked, however tempting! Calculate OsmAnd route for first and last route segment Ticked. And then tap Navigation settings, check that the following screen references Bicycle at the top, and then select Navigation options as follows: Avoid I suggest you tick Avoid motorways and Avoid stairsbut suit yourself!

Snap to road I have always had this ticked which is the default but as What is fov? write, it occurs to me that unticked might be better, especially if you are taking off-road routes. Announce How to download files to sd card android generally untick all except GPX waypoints. Unit of speed Your choice.

News:Jul 18, - Bike Helmets · Car Seats · Humidifiers · Strollers . Apps can be moved to SD cards, too, but be careful, he warns. On an Android phone, when you select particular apps in the “Storage” settings section, you'll often get the option You have to open each individual app and delete the files it downloaded.

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