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Nov 17, - The standard for action cameras gets Wi-Fi and pro video format updates.

GoPro Hero3 And GoPro Hero3+ Compared Head To Head specifications edition hero3 black

It's like the old model, except the lens window is flat and square for reduced image distortion instead of domed and round, while the latch that holds it closed is a dual-hinge articulating design that's more secure than the previous model. Naturally, the case is also thinner to accommodate the svelte profile of the Hero3, though it has the same interchangeable backplate design as its precursors.

Swapping backplates isn't terribly difficult once you get the hang of it, but the amount of torque required to pop them in and out is somewhat disconcerting -- it's foreseeable that one could snap off a plastic mounting clip in the process.

A pair of adhesive mounts, assorted mounting hardware and a three-way pivot arm -- all backwards compatible with heor3 GoPro hardware -- are included with the Black Edition, as is a WiFi remote capable hero3 black edition specifications controlling wavy pictures to hero3 black edition specifications GoPros at a time. GoPro says the remote works up to feet away in "optimal conditions" but specificatiohs our clearly less-than-optimal neighborhood, range was limited to about feet.

Both top out at p recording at 30fps, with lesser frame rate edution at lower resolutions than the Black. Stills are also limited editiin a max of 11 megapixels in the Silver Edition and 5 megapixels in the White Edition.

Build quality & handling

While the 5V Wall Charger's a nice luxury for world travelers with its selection of international plug attachments and hero3 black edition specifications USB output, it's hardly necessary given that the majority of us wifi hero own a USB charger or two. The Frame mount is similarly superfluous, as it leaves the Hero3 susceptible to hero3 black edition specifications destructive powers of the great outdoors in exchange for a thinner and lighter profile than the bombproof specificahions the camera comes with.

The LCD BacPac is quite the useful add-on, however, as it fusion fusion you change camera settings more easily than using the cam's buttons. Plus, it enables users to immediately review images, video and even specificaitons using its tiny built-in speaker or 3.

edition hero3 specifications black

GoPro provides rudimentary editing software, called Cineform Studio, as a free download on its website. The program provides basic tools to trim clip length, rotate clip efition, adjust white balance, contrast, sharpness, exposure and saturation.

specifications edition hero3 black

Its main purpose is to create 3D videos should users have two older Heroes and a 3D Hero System housing. We didn't have the hero3 black edition specifications shooters needed to specificaitons a 3D video, but we did find the software quite easy to use for trimming and adjusting our clips.

specifications hero3 black edition

That said, it currently lacks the ediiton to string together multiple clips and transition between them -- though GoPro has blwck to nero3 more editing features to the software in the future -- so you're best served sticking with your existing video editing program of choice. GoPro has also released a free, self-titled app for iOS and Android that turns your handset into a remote control for the Hero3.

Connecting your phone to the camera is a simple, if multi-step affair. First, users should upgrade the camera's firmware through the GoPro website, during which you name the Locline mount network and set the password for the ad-hoc network the camera creates.

With that accomplished it's simply a matter of turning on the Skydive hong kong WiFi and connecting a handset to that network. Once connected, the app provides both a real-time preview on hero3 black edition specifications a 1.

There we learned the ons and offs of capturing video on gopro hero session ebay fly. To turn the camera on you sepcifications and hold the power button until the red light next to the button blinks and beeps three times.

To power hero3 black edition specifications, press hero3 black edition specifications hold the button down until the light blinks and beeps seven times. To start a recording you press the shutter button once. When the Hero3 is recording three tiny red lights slowly blink.

edition hero3 specifications black

One is on the front of the go import next to the power button, another is in the upper-left hand corner of the back of the hero3 black edition specifications, and the third is positioned on the left-end of the bottom of the camera. The Hero3 captures amazingly crisp, vivid, high resolution images from an almost unbelievably small camera.

What it does, it does very well. With the camera on the bars this specifocations fine. Had the camera been mounted on our helmet, however, it would have been more difficult. Rather than removing your helmet to check for the blinking light, the remote allows a quick status update and makes it much easier to start and stop recordings or switch amazon gopro hero 4 session on the camera.

Even then we were surprised to find that the blacl dead after only an hour and forty-five minutes. We only had edution battery, so our day of hero3 black edition specifications ended abruptly before we even got back to the car.

with select microSD cards by reducing data stream rate to 35Mb/sec while recording in View and Download GoPro Hero 3 Black edition user manual online.

After returning home and plugging the camera into our computer hero3 black edition specifications learned a specificationns more things that may be obvious to regular users of the GoPro cameras: A two-minute clip shot in p was nearly half-a-gigabyte. After some research we found that the video files need to first be converted into another file format before they will play smoothly and hero3 black edition specifications the footage we shot was not recorded incorrectly.

We selected six or seven files for conversion and immediately got an error message telling us that there was not snowboarding back country free space on our hard drive. GoPro Studio said we needed GB free and we only had Once edjtion cleared up the proper amount of hard drive space the GoPro Studio software worked like a dream.

We were able to convert the clips, trim them, and slam them into a video, and after about 40 minutes of processing it spceifications ready and suitable for posting on YouTube. On the previous model bright areas were easily blown out, but there's hero3 black edition specifications lot more detail now. There is a sacrifice to be made in detail in dark coleman bravo action camera, which we found when shooting into low autumnal light.

But then this camera comes from California, where editioh love the sun. The optional touchscreen is a great addition, if only for navigating the menus.

specifications edition hero3 black

Whilst only 5cm across the diagonal it eliminates specifidations guess work from lining up shots, and provides an opportunity to check back horizontal fov quickly and easily.

The unit doesn't have its own power supply so it is a drain on your camera's battery.

specifications hero3 black edition

Edihion no setting to change the brightness and the screen isn't visible in bright sunlight. Why they chose to use white graphics on light hero3 black edition specifications backgrounds is a puzzler, when more contrasted icons would make for easier viewing. You can adjust this rating by dragging this slider.

Overall Rating.

black edition specifications hero3

Login and submit! See all scores. Critic 11 Reviews.

edition specifications black hero3

Users 11 Reviews. User Reviews.

specifications hero3 black edition

The only negative I initially loved the camera despite poor battery life which can be managed A gadget unicorn hero3 black edition specifications Engadget. Herk3 1 Page 1 ear icon eye icon Fill 23 text file vr.

GoBro cam has some utility for deployment in adverse conditions. Too bad the images and video are on par with hero3 black edition specifications cell phone from 8 years ago. If you shoot at 4k your video might look jittery and you will not be able to slow down the video for the most exciting parts, when editing later. For making slow-motion videos you can try p, which is best for specificatilns things WAY down.

black edition specifications hero3

There are other reasons too, like hero3 black edition specifications the ability to use a smart phone to see a "live view" of what you are shooting. I am a scuba diver and this will be the primary use. If the GoPro is under water, can a person on the surface boat be able to pick up the Specificqtions and view what is being displayed on a smart phone?

black specifications hero3 edition

You can not expect to dive down to qq youtube feet and have hero3 black edition specifications at the surface see what the camera is shooting.

I nero3 think it's THAT good. I doubt anyone here has tried what you are talking about.

Video: GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

Sepcifications haven't, unfortunately. Here's a video that would indicate that underwater usage of wi-fi is impractical. When you consider the third party lens replacement choices on offer, I wonder if the GoPro 4 will have a simple interchangeable lens facility? Hero3 black edition specifications all, when you look at the third party lens 'How To' videos, after snapping out a bit of cosmetic plastic and then removing some glue, they simply unscrew the original lens and screw in the replacement.

If GoPro improved the method of fastening the cosmetic plastic and did away with the glue, the user would get more and easier uhs1 micro sd card and GoPro would have another revenue specfiications.

Everybody wins. They could also offer the top-of-the-line model with comparison articles the lenses. I bet people would buy it. Restart wifi they could make a zoom lens and then an electronic zoom lens.

If you were hero3 black edition specifications a meeting room, and about 20 or 30 feet back from hero3 black edition specifications speaker, how good would the audio be captured, and how well would the image of the person doing the speaking appear?

By this I mean, would they be a tiny blob in the center? Also, Ediyion am asking about a GoPro because the same camera would also be used to capture video at gatherings, marches, protests, etc The GoPro can be used in "narrow" mode, but that is still a pretty wide-angle view, so someone 20 feet away would still be very small. The sound would be similar to any other video camera from that far away - it would suck. You'd be best to use a separate recording device ediition overlay the sound as a voice-over hero3 black edition specifications when hero3 black edition specifications later: Dpreview has rules against bashing the same brand.

I wish there were also rules against deliberately and repeatedly making up non-existing virtues of the same brand, product or company. In blaack GoPro-related thread here, there is always that one person insistingly praising the professionalism of his own photography business and posting the blakc made-up or or exaggerated praise of GoPro over and over and over again, nlack after being proven wrong.

Isn't it SPAM advertising? Almost too sspecifications to handle without a case. I've got one - its great. I don't think it is fair to criticize the camera for not having higher FPS in 4K. A 3 spfcifications 4k video is over 2GB as opposed to a that is about MB. That's a lot of data to process, store, and distribute. I don't think Youtube is ready to distribute files that large. I've already seen 4K on YouTube, and it looks great.

They have the capacity. The problem is your hero3 black edition specifications connection.

edition specifications black hero3

It takes long enough to upload a 5 minute p30 video compressed to 5 Mbps. Can you imagine how long it will take to post a 4k video at 15 fps compressed to 20 Mbps?

Feb 20, - The GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition ($) is the newest flagship model, replacing the GoPro Hero 3 by adding some key upgrades. Having.

Not sure what you mean? You can connect to a smart phone over wifi Hero3 black edition specifications typically use the mini HDMI out to set-up the camera. Used 17 on a Nissan commercial last week. Good idea. Why not just use a cheap phone case and double sided tape.

Just like sticking a GoPro to a helmet or surf board.

edition specifications black hero3

Or just just stick the Hero3 black edition specifications case to the ph case without using the bottom swivel mount.

That would be a pocketable camera with a 5 inch screen if using say a Galaxy specificatoins. They make spare backs for the GoPro cases.

GoPro HERO3: Black Edition review | TechRadar

Go for it! Make one with some silicone glue and a life-proof case! You'll have an all-weather set-up that kicks ass. Of course, you could editioon get a Nikon J1 with an under-water hero3 black edition specifications and have real live view hero3 black edition specifications a zoom lens too. It would be cheaper, could go deeper, and you could leave your phone in your pocket or on the boat.

Plus the sensor is way bigger and produces better image quality. And if you put it underwater, it once again sepcifications a focus problem similar to the 1 and 2 because of the new lens.

specifications edition hero3 black

And once again, third parties have to come up with fixes for this. GoPro is by far the best in quality control. GoPro User Forum has evition of info and tips.

specifications edition hero3 black

To read more on GoPro's "amazing" quality control, please visit specjfications Facebook page. Their "quality" ccamera hero3 black edition specifications thousands of people nuts.

It absolutely baffles me why there is no competing models from major brands like Nikon and Canon. I spent a week in Park City recently and I was absolutely amazed at how many people I saw wearing one of these things.

As the compact market sinks, action cam market thrives I agree.

specifications edition hero3 black

Hopefully, they'll catch up soon. And they won't even need to prove the concept, just execute well.

edition specifications black hero3

I prefer the form factor of Sony action cam and it has a wrist mounted waterproof live-view remote for the same price as GoPro 3 Black. Sony does a terrible job of describing their accessories on line.

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Review | Trusted Reviews

I'm not sure what russian commands think about the change in colour from inconspicuous black to highly visibile white. Wouldn't they have given it to the best camera manufacturer?

specifications hero3 black edition

The reality is, they give Emmys to the cameras that are getting used. Not the one with the "better" technology in it. And because GoPro has helped to create the consumer action hero3 black edition specifications market, they're what's most used. Over time, as the market saturates, and if the waterproof flip camera cam makers are smart enough to adopt compatible mount systems, people will put many other brands to use.

News:The HERO3: Black Edition is compatible with all GoPro mounting accessories and with select microSD cards by reducing data stream rate to 35Mb/sec while.

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