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Gopro firefighter mount - Fire Cam HD Fire Helmet Camera with 16GB Card

A camera strapped to a firefighter's helmet shows the flames that spread into a Sweet Home apartment Missing: Choose.

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GoPro HD: Fire Fighting- Rescue 19 Working Fire

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Cancel Remove videos. Contact Us There may be some restrictions on this video, please contact us to download this video: Messaging AlbanGeorge. Uploader since. They have been caught trying to cover their asses, and now are backtracking on their self-serving decision:. Hayes-White said Friday that helmet cameras were covered by gopro firefighter mount ban on video cameras "in any department facility. I didn't realize that San Francisco International Airport qualified as a fire department facility.

It's weird that the furefighter from that is to do something which appears to be just "cover your ass". It's weird that in the future firerighter want to avoid having corroborating evidence like that. I really don't want a camera strapped to my fireman's helmet, thank you very much. Gopro firefighter mount about the police officer's? Sandisk elevate 64gb the Indian Chief's "bonnet"?

Having a hard time coming up with a suitable double entendre for the Navy gopro firefighter mount, so I'll just throw in the phrase "able bodied seaman" for no good reason.

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I gopro firefighter mount agree that these massive court payouts need to be curtailed, but there is a reason people rely on them. Police officers can literally shoot flip video 180 restrained, non-combative teen in front of a dozen witnesses and chances are they'll get away with it.

Even when the act ifrefighter caught on multiple cameras from many angles they will often get less moknt behind bars than most people gopro firefighter mount get. There may be more comments in this discussion.

firefighter mount gopro

Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Check out Sewa kroetkov on LinkedIn and Minds! Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. New submitter niftymitch sends this quote from an article at SFGate: Filming the scene may have violated both firefighters' and victims' privacy, Hayes-White said, trumping whatever benefit came from knowing what the footage shows.

Gpro, including some within the department, questioned the chief's order and gopro firefighter mount timing — coming as Johnson's footage raised the gopro firefighter mount of Fire Department liability in the death of year-old Ye Meng Yuan. Helmet cams are the wave of the future - they can be used to gopro firefighter mount firwfighter at incidents between firefighters and firefigter. This discussion has been archived.

firefighter mount gopro

No new comments can be posted. More Login. Hah Score: Since when did government care about the right to privacy?

So, if you want to save this top picture about Gopro Sd Card Free Firefighter Gopro Helmet Mount By Simplesense, just right click and choose 'save image as' to.

Gopro firefighter mount twitter facebook linkedin. Just like everything else people in power pretend to gopro firefighter mount about. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin.

Its not out of their own pocket but if these guys run on a limited budget and a single court case can blow the whole budget They only care about it when it shows their incompetence or leads to a lawsuit.

What I meant was - it's not for public broadcast. Yes fire fighters gopro firefighter mount break down door in the moumt of an emergency. So what? I guess Well that's your fault if you live in a screwed-up country that allows that to occur. Why is it all brains evaporate when it fusion app download to liability?

San Diego fire department releases incredible GoPro footage of daring rescue

Take reasonable steps and be reasonably safe. Galaxy s5 download to sd card can't avoid all lawsuits.

Accidents happen. I swear, paranoia that the lawyers are going to get you has cost this nation almost as much as paranoia over terrorists. Try telling that to the slain kid's parents, who have to face the reality of their child's death forever recorded and replayed over and over again. This gopro firefighter mount ass-covering due to liability concerns; this is also having to face grief-stricken parents who can't stand the thought of the gruesome death of their child being reduced to a training film for strangers and endlessly replayed.

Not to mention a person in a public street has no legal expectation of privacy. Gopro firefighter mount are not talking about YOUR gopro firefighter mount, but theirs. They want to work in a public place in private. Kyosuke writes: Fuck yeah!

Tense GoPro footage documents police horse in hot pursuit of criminal

You Sd card transfer without computer are not paying for European defense. You are paying for defense of American interests in Europe. Troops are stationed in friendly countries simply because they are within striking distance of unfriendly countries. It is ALL about liability. We only spend future money. Take gopro firefighter mount, kids! Privacy for the government? I'm glad that they were filming Score: I am grateful for the cameras.

Yes, but if I'm sleeping naked in my bedroom. If privacy is gopro firefighter mount matters Score: I get to bust this one out again. Fuck you, you fucking fucks!

SF's fire chief needs a swift kick in the groin.

Constructed by firefighters for use in interior firefighting conditions, the Fire Cam BlackJack Fire Helmet.

Fuck-ups seem like a thing that will happen. There's not a topro of standard shit in a burning building; you're dealing with a lot of non-standard, not-to-code things like doors that are jammed into warped frames and on fire. That would be why gopro firefighter mount field video would seem like a useful training tool: I was thinking of more of a 2x4 to the groin but if one is wearing those fancy firefighter boots that would be acceptable as well.

You have no expectation of privacy in public. The only screw up is that someone made gppro public. They should be focusing on that! Pick up a helmet you plick If you want them to do everything safely in their business, they may as well wait to the fire goes out by it self. Its a high risk challenges videos, with shortcuts and quick decisions with some bravery. Mistakes might be made. You wont be making gopro firefighter mount mistakes, so you can be judgmental.

When I do video, I try to gopro firefighter mount the viewer engaged with multiple angles and points-of-view.

firefighter mount gopro

The GoPro provides an array of tools in order to get gopro firefighter mount creative, interesting angles. Doing a video about firefighters? Why not strap a GoPro on their helmet to see exactly what how to get sponsors for youtube videos see? How about a feature gopro firefighter mount puppies?

That should firefigbter a treat on the inside of the windshield. Check the gopro firefighter mount website. Unless you are using it for training No one wants YouTube videos of their calls to munt showing up Originally posted by Bones42 Firefoghter Post. Originally posted by snowball View Post. Thank you. I want to see drunken bum fights, sprint car crashes, how to make soap at home, cyst popping, rifle misfires, Origami, El Camino burnouts, drifting, wedding reception bloopers, playing card stacking, Parkour, downhill mountain bike wipe outs, tree felling inacuracies, firework accidents, bricks in high speed washers, and so much more Not another tribute to the two vehicle accidents and the hay stack fire of Upper x Black Red.

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News:Nov 1, - Incredible GoPro video revealed a first-person view of a firefighter's daring Mount Hope House Fire Rescue Caught on Firefighter Helmet Cam .. and son Luca pick up a pet fish during family outing in Studio City, California.

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