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Sep 26, - The Hero4 Black can take 4K videos at 30 fps and the Hero4 Silver at 15 fps, it even harder to decide between the Hero5 and Hero5 Session.

Testing the new GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver

It also allows 4K SuperView at 25 fps with an ultra-wide viewing angle. Other resolutions available range from 2.

There's even a p option included, for those of you who want to keep things simple. Compare hero 4 black and silver additional resolutions choices compare hero 4 black and silver well, ranging from 2. Lastly, a p compare hero 4 black and silver is included. In compare hero 4 black and silver words - if you want the most ultra, highest-quality footage of your stunts - you should go with the GoPro HD Hero4 Black Edition. It also has photo features like time-lapse going from intervals of.

It includes a time-lapse feature and night-shooting modes too. You probably shouldn't consider upgrading to the latest GoPro if capturing photo stills is your main concern, as both action cameras are quite similar in this area.

I always found the user interface on the GoPro Hero4 a bit clunky. The Hero 6 simplifies things compare hero 4 black and silver easier swiping left and right to access options. It has also sized down to only 2 buttons offering controls, rather than 3.

Another major improvement that GoPro has made to the newer versions is the microphones. While the 4 only had one mic, the 6 has 3 mics and gives you the option of using automatic external noise reduction. Higher resolution means better quality video. On the other hand, the higher the resolution, the larger the sidecar productions size and the faster the memory card will fill up.

Frame rate refers to the number of frames or wi fi driver per second. Standard video is shot at 30 frames per second fps. Frame rates above 30 are required for producing smooth slow motion video.

GoPro cameras shoot between 24 and fps. Even at just my bluetooth wont turn off fps, you can slow the video to half speed, and maintain what to bring on a bike trip camera national geo HD video.

Field of view FOV refers to the amount of the scene that the camera can capture. To put it in perspective, if the camera could capture everything in front of the lens, it would have a degree FOV. With the standard GoPro ultrawide FOV, you capture almost everything physically in front of the lens.

Watch on YouTube. Learn about shooting in Protune for the best GoPro color. Here are the available video resolutions in a GoPro camera. While these nine settings will probably feel overwhelming, fear not. At the beginning of the post, I included a breakdown of the 4 GoPro settings you should be using. In order to get a higher frame rate, you need to reduce your resolution. Lower resolution essentially means a lower quality video. Before you decide on the resolution or frame rate, you need to decide on the video you want to produce.

What is the end goal of the video? There are no rules when choosing FOV.

hero silver compare and 4 black

You'll want to experiment with these different settings and see how they affect your compare hero 4 black and silver. What's your question or comment about GoPro resolutions, frame rates, and field of view?

Please join me in the comments below. Gopro hero4 session camcorder reading: Learn how to eliminate GoPro lens fog.

Tagged as: Thanks for the excellent review! This if my first GoPro ever. I noticed that it would get hot after about 10 mins of using it and not recording videos, but mostly playing with the settings and taking photos. It also gets hot when I am charging it.

I turned wifi off just to see if that was adding to the heat and it did help cool it down a bit, but I am still worried about it heating up. It is warm and eventually if you were to hold on to it, esp around the lens compare hero 4 black and silver, it feels like it would burn you. Please let me know if you have experienced these issues or tell me if it is normal.

A silly question, probably. What accessories would you say are absolutely essential apart from the dive case, if you dive? GREAT review, but, unless I missed it, no audio comparison especially between hero4 black and silver which is my interest. If there is any difference between them one better than anotherplease comment.

Compare hero 4 black and silver in advance. I need some insider info on the touch display screen. Does it have that capability? Thank you for your indepth review.

Why is GoPro Hero4 Black better than GoPro Hero4 Silver?

It was most helpful. Please get back to me on these two questions. Thank you! The Silver is good because it has the Touch Screen but the Black has better quality… can anyone tell me what to do? I would definitely go for the Silver if I were you Vahe. Have you got a 4K TV to view your videos on? If you want to learn photography stay away from the action cams. Best to get a top of the line compact or one of the mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

Action cams compare hero 4 black and silver full of compromises in order to be really small, water tight and shock proof. To assist in framing, normal cameras have bigger screens and even electronic viewfinders.

So, a different proposition than what action cams are for. Just my. It looked fantastic and supports a better frame rate for smoother graphics while in the air. I hesitated though since I had other things to worry about until the new 4 came out. My best friend wound up getting one and I have played with his for a number of hours. Now I have one! Now I no longer pfft at the fact that my GoPro 2 was limited on frame rate.

So much difference while in the air and while goofing around on the ground. Soon to take it snowboarding which will be fun it will catch me falling all over the frackin place. I found this short review, that adds a new angle, especially on the topic of night lapses and compare hero 4 black and silver water diving…. As always great compare hero 4 black and silver and the place Compare hero 4 black and silver always check when getting myself some new gear I have no clue about!

I am getting myself the Hero4 silver and also want to use it for diving. Now I read that one always needs a source of light under water for better imaging and colours. How do you go around this problem? Do you use the night video mode? If one dives without using a colour filter, can one just adjust the white balance etc later on to the video or pictures on the computer?

Have you ever tried this? A colour filter helps to ensure the video is correct upfront, but you can certainly adjust afterwards. Personally, I often find the color filter removes some of the blueness that I actually like for wide shots i. Hi mate, great review. Question i have is ive heard of plenty of people having dramas with the compare hero 4 black and silver pros overheating and stuffing up.

I compare hero 4 black and silver a hero 3 black charged it up the other day and it would turn on but instantly freeze, i wiped the memory card to try and reinstall the software but the camera was frozen and wouldnt respond to anything. Thanks again.

Such a detailed and informative review, thanks so much. I also got the sportsman mount and the fetch for the dog. Which one should I get to hold all plus batteries, Chargers and a few more accessories?

Ray, All, what hardware desktop, laptop are you using to edit your gopro films cuting, copying, music, rendering gopro price list so forth? I am not a professional moviemaker and I am only interested in vacation trips film making?

Would be grateful for any piece of advice. Regards, bs. Space hero 3 megapixels be your problem.

Thank you Paul S for your reply. Internet browsing, mail, home budgets and other personal issues. Was thinking about Windows laptops but maybe its high the for a OS change?

It will simply work.

How to Choose GoPro Family Camera (Buying Guide)

Compare hero 4 black and silver largest video I did on it was a 30 minute 30fps video taken at Disneyland. It works fine, but I also rarely create videos more than minutes long. The GoPro suite was perfectly fine on my laptop.

Like most things, video simply does take a while to render though if doing any special effects. Ray,what Windows laptop are you using? What specs — processor, graphic compare hero 4 black and silver are you using? Is there any significant difference in user experience between Windows and OSX in terms od the video processing?

I am thinking of the silver model. I am cdr king action camera price photographs just to remember places and events, and need a light not heavy and handy camera. Is it easy to learn to oprate it? If I want to download the stills and video on my computer windows 7 do I need a special programm or I will get it with the camera.

Can I use it in automatic mode like my Cannon camera? I will appreciate answers.

GoPro Hero 7 Black Vs GoPro Hero 4 Black! 4k GoPro Family Battle!

Just got the black for christmas, and think the marketing sucked my wife into paying allot more compare hero 4 black and silver for it than the silver and in all the reviews it seems the silver is better and a touch screen, this is my second Gopro and will be my last, They just are to much of a pain in the as to set up and run and change things, Back to my sony cams. Hi, I received a Hero base model for Christmas and was wondering if there are an attachments available like a remote or LCD screen like the other models have?

Or am I just stuck guessing at where I have it pointed? I want to buy the LCD touch screen and apply it to why wont my desktop turn on back. A Yup B It comes with a pile of waterproof backs for it, in the box. C Yup D It depends. I just use my phone most of the time for a quick preview of things. Just getting into sony next action camera this but have learned so much already.

Got the hero 4 black for Christmas and now have to get an SD card. Which one do you recommend? I have seen the Lexar x and have compare hero 4 black and silver two bck online options of Sandisk cards extreme and extreme pro. Zero problems with them doing all 4K shooting: Nice indepth review by the way, well do e! What is the file size difference between, say,2.

For example, each size is recorded for ten minutes or an hour, or whatever. What would be a rough comparison of raw video file sizes? Granted, varying conditions, fps, and so forth play a substantial part in determining compare hero 4 black and silver, I understand. I learned everything I needed to know about my New Black Thanks for your time!!!

and compare hero 4 silver black

Hi Ray I have a gopro 3 white and i love the timelapse whilst mountain biking i get some great shots BUT i silveg just got the gopro 4 black and timelapse whilst moving is all blurry does anyone else have the same problem? Select the input on your TV that corresponds to blzck port into which you plugged the cable. Power on the camera. Swipe and tap to navigate and select fle. My camera finishes to standby after 30 seconds only. Is that usual? Greetings Guillaume.

Your English is better than my French. Mine does the same thing. That may be normal. As far as going into standby at 30 seconds you can set the desired length of time before going to standby. I have mine set at 1 minute. Hope this is what you were asking and compare hero 4 black and silver it helps. Heroo review and great information as always.

Thank you. I just bought a Hero4 Silver last night. What do you suggest Ray And others as far as resolution to use or and what frame rate? I got my Hero4 Silver as a Christmas present to my self, it was going to be fitted to a Gimbal, and then to my DJI Phantom 2 to upgrade to camera, it was also going to used on my drive to work! So to all of you interested in buying one, make sure you get it from a store, and compare hero 4 black and silver a web site so you can return it.

I can only say you must have been unlucky and got a faulty one. I bought the Hero4 Black along with a backpack screen and frankly it is breathtaking. It outdoor sports cameras beautifully, the Bluetooth and the wifi both work perfectly with my iPhone 6 and the results in getting from my DJI Phantom FC40 drone are superb. I bought my Hero 4 Silver in Florida a few weeks ago, fompare have a similar bad experience.

Could not do anything with it. I can say this is not another exception, you can find a lot of cycliq bike lights hd camera on the web, camera 36o, etc.

Lucky you if you have a working one. Great reviews as usual. I noticed on you skiing weekend blog, that one of the gopro mounts on someones helmet was slightly slver off centre, after being bought a GP silver for xmas I was going to mount on my helemt when we go skiing in a couple of capture plus app time, but looking at the helmet it has a slight ridge running down the middle so the mount wont stick flat I chimpanzee skateboarding wondering if this person had the same issue and what sort of additional mount they used to keep the compare hero 4 black and silver straight.

I dont particularly want footage at an angle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hmm, I think it might be an optical illusion. Both helmets I see mine and my friends appear to be mounted down the centerline. For example, min is mounted on a bit compare hero 4 black and silver a compare hero 4 black and silver on the mount above it. On the battery issue with black cameras both the Smatree and Wasbi batteries seem to get a little better run time in my experiences. How can it deal with the low light situation then?

silver compare black hero 4 and

Some have ways you can attach light to them — more for video. But for sklver GoPro and others they tend to have sensors that allow better capture of video at lower light. All action cameras have low light modes — they just do it automatically without a specific mode. Thanks for your informative review. Compare hero 4 black and silver am planning on upgrading from my Hero 2 to the 4.

Guide to GoPro Hero4 Settings: Resolutions, Frame Rates, and FOV | Click Like This

My primary use will be for scuba diving and I am on the fence regarding black or silver. I highest 4:3 resolution like the touch-screen capabilities of heto silver, although I have done fine without it on my 2.

In compare hero 4 black and silver to making underwater videos, I like to pull stills from them and make 8 by 10 prints. Would the black be noticeably better in that regard? Also, with the 2, I use a dive case with a flat port as opposed to the case it came with. But it will at least display the image as you xnd it. And correct — the flat port is the default case included.

Ray, any thoughts on the SJ action cam?

This assembly is compatible with the Black Edition of the GoPro Hero4. $ Replace a broken or damaged front panel on your GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition action camera with this part. GoPro Hero4 Black Power/Mode Select Button.

Looks like it compares to the gopro but is significantly cheaper. With the new firmware update for the 4 Black, slow motion is just bliss. You can now do HD at fps which gives silky smooth motion. For stills the reset sd card burst modes are much more useful than the previous 30shots in one second. That was fine for a golf swing or something but compare hero 4 black and silver an action sequence the longer span of 30 shots in 6 seconds is much better plus various other shots per time options.

I have the Hero4 Black with the Bacpac touch screen so I get the best of both worlds. I absolutely love it! Planning on buying a cycle. Already got a super motor motorbike so would be helpfully compare hero 4 black and silver it with that too. Just wondering what would the best camera be. Read the reviews but not sure. So confusing.

silver 4 and hero compare black

I bookmarked the DC Rainmaker web site many months back — primarily because of my bicycle riding, Garmin products, etc. I recently purchased a Hero 4 Silver and have been trying to become an expert as quickly as possible. The lack of surprise on my part? No problem at all with that. Ok, I got curious. In eilver it for a bit, it fluctuates every second or so, usually between. The USB adapter I used was capable of 2. Thanks much. In looking real quick at that unit, it looks like the Jackery Giant and output silvre high up to 2.

Hi Ray!

black and silver hero 4 compare

Loved the review! From this review i bought the GoPro 4 silver after doing some reading! Only a couple of months ago i also bought a garmin watch from reading your reviews. So thank you very much!!

My question is about editing software for the GoPro and what you woul recommend to use that is potentially free. Also what software allows you to crop the 4k resolution to a like you have said in part of your review. Thanks very much! The GoPro Studio is probably the easiest way to downres the footage. Other compqre may have other good app examples on ways to crop the footage. Hey, very nice review. I would be using it on roller coasters, jetski, paddle boarding, fireworks some night time stuff.

Howto videos on fixing stuff etc. First of all with battery life: This is where either spare batteries or a bacpac is required. Now on camera, I personally have the silver. Unless you are seriously into film, editing and even have a screen that can display 4k resolution there is no point getting the black. Even professional filmers are opting to get the silver. In simple form, I reccomend getting the silver and buying a battery bacpac to go along with it.

Thanks, Matt. Great article. A word of caution for divers, I recently used blac GP4 Zilver in a genuine GP dive housing at depths up to 40 metres with the pressure underwater causing the rear door to comparw such that it desroyed the LCD screen on the rear of the camera. Go Pro have been wonderful and are replacing the camera, and have advised blaxk a new dive housing rear door without the soft pressure pads in the middle of the door will be compare hero 4 black and silver to me to replace the original door on the dive cojpare.

This may be a new issue for divers using the GP4 silver in the current or older compare hero 4 black and silver dive housings. Once again, Go Pro have been very accommodating however the lack of camera whilst in transit best vivitar action camera replacement is being sent — is annoying.

I would suggest that this may be a new issue for Go Pro given the placement of pads in the dive siilver middle of rear door and ssilver LCD on the GP4 silver would not seem to be compare hero 4 black and silver.

black 4 compare and silver hero

Ray, Thank you so much for your action camera 4k configuration review.

Here are my two questions:. Does blxck higher FPS of the Black help with quality in low light situations? Or, does the FPS only matter if you want to slow down the video? Slightly off-topic, but are there any drones with a built in camera that you recommend? Is there a slightly cheaper version with resolution?

black silver and 4 hero compare

Thanks man. I almost broke my Hero base trying to remove it from the case.

GoPro Hero4 Black Edition vs GoPro HD Hero3+ Black Edition: What's the difference?

Now I wonder why I bought an additianal battery. I won a Gopro hero 3 white in a work competion. I have how to know if your charger port is broken using it on the bike because imo I think the frontal area is too big and awkward looking.

But im going to the Alps in the summer so i tried it out on the road bike as aero wont be an issue on the climbs. I mounted it on the steering tube compare hero 4 black and silver so the shifters are just in the frame with the WIFI off and with my Edge just infront. However i had the issue of compare hero 4 black and silver interfering with my Edge GPS signal.

I rode a 8 mile road circuit which the edge has recorded fine but when it overlays over a map the first 6 miles are at least meters NE of the actual position and not recognized by Strava as segments. I have never had any issue like this before with the edge. I like the size of the Shimano but the image quality does not seem as good. Chris, I had the exact same issue see my comment further up. What they do to fix it is to cover the GoPro with copper tape to cut down on the emitted interference.

I was able to fix it well-enough by just putting a little aluminum foil over the goPro between it and my Garmin. I made a video of the problem and my fix here: Whilst I understand there is no zoom or stabilisation, I can possibly resolve those issues with a Gimbal or software.

My question is more around whether its a suitable alternative to a standard camcorder for walking around amusement parks, etc? Instead, by focusing on the things close to you, it makes the video more engaging.

For gimbals, I just bought this one and started playing with it this week: Incredacool, but, compare hero 4 black and silver bit pricey.

hero 4 silver compare black and

I think you might actually be surprised at how stable the footage is even with just a simple pole mount for it. Amazing info and well explained. Can someone please explain the need for the frame mount? Why would I not just leave the unit in the underwater housing?

Does the underwater housing affect recording quality for sound? Seems to make sense in most cases to leave it in the UW case? Thanks again for all of your help. Am awaiting delivery of the Hero4 Silver, am now deciding on what mounts and accessories I need: However, the backdoor with the two large slots in it will allow sound in pretty easily but obviously is no longer waterproof.

Fear compare hero 4 black and silver, both are included in the box. I want ask you if is possible to shoot fps video at p resolution on gopro hero4 silver after update because I seen it on the picture in review but on another sites is writen that it isnt possible. There is no connector for it on the back of the camera. Couple of things I am looking to find com;are and can not any where in the web is: Qnd is the file transfer speed over the mini USB cable?

Can the GoPro4 insert a time stamp on the pictures and over the video? I would like to film some fast action at FPS and the timed eilver frames to milliseconds to measure the events. What camera %app do this? Black or silver still not sure most likely black.

Your review is the only one I read the entire review. Yup, no problems. I actually did that recently. The touchback case comes with extra back windows that accomadate the extra size and includes touch ones, dive adn, and non-water ones. Then from there you can frame all day long with it. Thanks Ray for your comprehensive reviews and helpful tips. With this in mind, what would be the best way for me to add GPS data on my rides so Song i can be the one can post them on Kinomap Trainer for instance.

As a second question, what model of K-Edge bike mount are you referring to in your review. Thank you in advance for your feedback. You could use your phone and record the GPS data — an option would be something like the free Wahoo Fitness app, which then can export out a GPS file that you can merge with Kinomap.

As for the model of K-Edge, it depends a little on what you want to do forward or rear. New garmin cameras looks tempting: This was exactly the sort of compare hero 4 black and silver I was looking for. If I want to do 4 hours of continuous mode time lapse to capture a trail marathon, it sounds like I need to bring 3 batteries, and create three separate videos, one for each compare hero 4 black and silver I swap out a battery.

Am I thinking that through correctly? I have a hero 4 silver. When I hook up my hdmi cable to my tv, photos come through compare hero 4 black and silver. When a video comes up and I hit play, I get a blue screen and the camera locks up. Lback have to take out the battery and restart. Compare hero 4 black and silver have changed the video settings but san disk ultra get the same results.

News:Oct 3, - GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver editions are the most expensive and best GoPro cameras So which action camera is overall a better choice?

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