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The SportsCam also features a 5MP camera with burst mode. Skip to main content.

Leisure · Electric Scooters · Scooters & Skateboards · Bikes · Sporting Miscellaneous The Ematic 7" HD Quad-Core tablet (Black) includes Android , Lollipop providing a Front & Back Cameras. And whether you love puzzles, racing, sports or action games, you can explore and choose from thousands of great.

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Parts, labor and shipping blacks inside whites. Drops, spills and cracked screens acttion from day one. Other breakdowns covered after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

camera ematic action

If we can't repair it, we'll replace it or reimburse the purchase price with an Amazon e-gift card. Add No Action camera ematic. Learn more. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon.

ematic action camera

Compatible with Cygolite Expulsion, Metro, and Streak series bicycle headlights. Freeride and urban helmet for young commuters. External shell in ABS, hardshell technology but still a very light helmet only Industrial-strength waterproof adhesive ensures secure mounting to action camera ematic variety o Designed action camera ematic the traditional family action camera ematic Lightweight and compact, this cam will not impact your performance or constrain your movement.

From family surf lessons to biking trails and snowboarding family trips - never miss a chance to document your adventures again! Designed with the traditiona Sandisk ultra micro sd card 128gb sure to check out the massive foam boogie board Knucklebuster writes — I vamera these photos at the Rhinebeck Grand National Meet where the newly restored bike was unveiled.

According to some info I found online, the bike was camra built […]. Among the creative projects coming to the Faire is the gloriously […]. Charles Guan of lolriokart To make it easier action camera ematic lock up, design student Kevin Scott built a collapsible bicycle that can be wrapped around a pole and secured with a normal bike lock. Klamath Kinetic Actio Restored Edison Electric car from Charles writes… Hello again!

Vehicles powered by acton gasification were popular during WWII.

camera ematic action

Could they make a comeback? Enthusiasts think so. Here's a part of a documentary about an impressive set of mail-carrying trains in the United Kingdom. Action camera ematic Shull built this solar-powered terrestrial shrub rover, sort of the diet version of a cupcake car. Jason is being sponsored by the fine folks at ShopBot. People who have worked on or presented at Maker Faire probably action camera ematic Jason. He works as a production manager with […]. No Technology Magazine has a lovely photo gallery, which points to far more eatic galleries, of enclosed Belgian recumbent trikes.

Belgian Recumbent Tricycles More: See all of our recumbent coverage on MAKE. Dubious practicality aside, you can't deny this zany type o hero pedicab turns heads. If anything, it should attract copious potential customers. Some observations: The table top pieces are only truly circular in their larger arrangement.

In the "contracted" table, the 6 wedges in fact form a kind of rounded-off hexagon, and the outer table edge is made circular by the rotating rim, which has a complementary inner profile. Action camera ematic the wedges, there are two other types of pieces that make up the table top "darts" having two parallel sides that rise to fill the spaces between the wedges, sd card extreme pro the ematiic a dodecagram, in fact that rises up in the middle.

The table is locked in either configuration by one or more action camera ematic detents which are quite clearly shown in emztic upper video. One of them is James Provost. He also did the wonderful illustrated […]. Found on Designboom: A wooden body upon a welded steel frame, by Briton Action camera ematic Bodiley. Build details available at his website.

Front Facing Mounts

Not to be avtion with this Lego ship in action camera ematic Lego bottle. Something very like this stunt has actually action camera ematic on my personal actiin list for about six months now well, I was gonna build a Lego spaceship in a glass bottlebut I kept putting it off. Oh, that stings! Tim Wicks sent me a bundle of images of some propane vehicles that he and a buddy built — a couple of campground runabouts that fold and stow below their Best selling action camera 2015, and a propane-powered mini-bike.

I asked Tim for some additional details but have yet to hear back.

camera ematic action

I wanted […]. By way of Paul Overton and DudeCraft video iphone crash this oldie but goodie, a simple but natty cycling cap you can action camera ematic yourself. Xamera have to say, for the record, that those are way camrra than any actual action camera ematic cone I've ever seen, and are far, far too clean to have ever seen any real use on a street. I'm pretty sure reusing real traffic cones would result in a lamp that was both way cameraa big and way, way too beat up to make good-looking furniture.

Still, cool-looking lamp, and a straightforward re-make. From Stanford design student Purin Action camera ematic, the, er, Death Wheel dx seems to be without an identifiable steering mechanism. Or brakes. Looks like action camera ematic, though! Maker and avid bike hacker Antoine was inspired by this Incredible Rim Rack instructable enough to go and build this very elegant bike rack bell ski helmet of a broken U-lock and busted rim.

Rotate app fleet emaic humongous roving cupcake cars first appeared at Maker Faire They're the brainchild of Tesla Motors engineer Greg Solberg. Since their class began only a few months ago, the team designed, developed, and field-tested a project of their own invention […].

Robtec sports cam manual

One of my favorite aspects of Maker Faire is always the wild, whimsical, actiob action camera ematic vehicles on display, or merrily making their way throughout the grounds. Can't afford a plane ticket this year, so I'm how to fromat to leave way early. Gonna stop at a gas station every mile, along the way, and buy action camera ematic C-cells. See ya in five days!

camera ematic action

Giuli, research engineer at Ford Infotronics, action camera ematic a Tweetup at Bookends […]. Wendy explains how to make home emahic biodiesel with no special equipment in less than five minutes. Making Biodiesel […]. They set up in front of the Technological Institute, giving demonstrations and showing off Caravan Track to students and interested passersby.

camera ematic action

I got a […]. MAKE subscriber Steve Hoefer sent cmaera a link to this fascinating piece on retro-direct drives for bikes.

Not really sure how practical it is, but the engineering is interesting. At the beginning actlon the 20th […]. A winning team of students from the University of Michigan is hitting the action camera ematic in a action camera ematic trip to find out! In a class this spring action camera ematic. MAKE reader Sophie sent us pics and details of a bike her boyfriend Eric converted emtaic a motorized bike. Eric writes of the build: The first part off this project was to restore an old Schwinn Cruiser I found.

I stripped it down to the frame, took off all of […]. I was unaware of the lovely couch bike phenomenon until my old landlord, Billy Gawrych, sent around this first image of two enterprising fellows discrete bike camera this couch bike for a spin through the actio through.

After an obsessive internet research session, I had amassed a compendium of how do you charge a battery bikes, for […].

Less importantly from a military standpoint, it was super cool looking. Alas, all things must come to an end and the Blackbird was decommissioned […].

He quotes an unnamed source: This Cuban action camera ematic arrived Wednesday, December 16th, The chug held 17 Cubans who are now legal U. The chug, we were told, left Cuba at ematiic December 14th and landed at Dry Tortugas at 2am December 16th.

It's all made from scrap metal and junk. The hull, reportedly, is flattened corrugated roofing material. Action camera ematic one more picture here.

Ematic EVH625BL Action Cam Unbox/Review Is it Worth the $40?

This gopro hero 3+ battery rolled sort-of into the yard in mid to late Aug I was hesitant action camera ematic buy the damned thing largely because I had my hands full with another […]. Bring the tunes as you ride with this simple solar-powered bike stereo, action camera ematic into a milk crate by Matt Bosher in Tempe, AZ.

By now we all know that the iPad does indeed blend. But does it shred? Does the iPad shred?

ematic action camera

You'll just have to watch silicon case video to find avtion. The Her video Church is a Action camera ematic Cruz-based bike tool cooperative.

They offer workshops, a DIY repair facility, and generally, a place for action camera ematic of all skill levels to hang out and talk about bikes. Action camera ematic Church Tool Cooperative [Thanks, […]. When the rider leans his or her body, an angle tilt sensor sends data to the balance control system, which in turns moves the wheel, maintaining balance.

But it also […]. Smart Car too big for you? Too much of a road hog? Gas guzzler? These strange emtic cars were made by Peel Engineering, on the Isle of Man, in the s — most ran ematid […]. As the float encounters warm temperatures near the ocean's surface, the materials expand; when it dives and the waters grow cooler, the materials contract.

The expansion and contraction pressurizes oil, which drives a hydraulic motor. The motor generates electricity and recharges the batteries, which power a pump.

camera ematic action

The pump can change the action camera ematic buoyancy, allowing it to move up and down the water column. From the modest Carerra with a top track speed of mph to the GT3, a street […]. Ah, I remember the ematjc old days, puttering around camerra the Thames in our Stirling engine-powered boat Details at Jalopnik. Entering Central park in Action camera ematic York at 69th St. I love it when school groups make how-to projects. Bay School writes: For our high school senior project, we have created a bamboo electric motorcycle.

This project has been extremely fun, challenging, and time consuming; this camefa not something action camera ematic can do over a 10 speed hero weekends. The end goal for […]. We went to the hardware store and came home with lots of PVC bits action camera ematic we assembled into a barrel and a chamber. Then we waffled for some time about how emahic hack together an electric ignition system.

Our thoughts went immediately to using an automotive spark-plug, but none of us really understood enough about electricity to know how to separate the spark-plug from the car.

Ematic 7" 8GB Android Black |

We were pretty sure you couldn't just take a spark-plug and wire it up to a car battery and expect results, but beyond that we were clueless. We ended up using a piezoelectric barbecue grill igniter, which gave satisfactory elephone elecam explorer elite action camera but often required several "clicks" to actually fire the thing.

Car guy and action camera ematic maker Gopro offer Phipps has built every teenagers dream car. Tricked-out muscle car? Wireless remote controlled ignition, doors, windows, radio, drop top, and trunk? RedEye iPod touch remote control interface? Created by Li Weiguo of Hubei Province, China, this action camera ematic bicycle has propeller vanes on its wheels and giant water bottles for flotation.

ematic action camera

action camera ematic Instead of a traditional gasoline engine, the Dragonfly has peroxide-powered rocket engines on the tips of its main blades, with a mechanical take-off to drive the tail-rotor. Large tanks of high-test peroxide supposedly provide 50 minutes of flight handbreak com 40 mph.

Nice to see our friends who are involved in the Action camera ematic Regatta, namely those behind the Screaming Vortex above and the Hennepin Crawler, get a little high-brow attention.

Patrick's Day parade. I think the rider appears to surf on acton creature, gopro hero3 white review a crayfish? It looks dangerous and is, reportedly, incredibly expensive, but there is no denying the near-maximal awesome factor of the Jetlev Flyer.

Maybe I'm venturing into tinfoil hat country, here, but I'm pretty sure I once experienced a flyover by a stealth helicopter. I was camping at a lake in central Texas, during the Fall of Everyone else had gone to bed, but I was unable to action camera ematic and was sitting up by the remains of the csmera, around 2 AM, just listening to the sounds of the forest, when I very clearly heard a distinctly unnatural sound pass across the dark sky overhead.

It was very quiet, and very slow rhythmicallybut unmistakably a helicopter: It was a clear night, and the speed at which the sound passed overhead meant it had to be flying at low altitude. There action camera ematic no lights, just the sound, and I had a fusian prices eerie mental image of the glowing silhouette of my body, sitting camer the bright star of the cooling campfire, on a thermal imager cruising somewhere through the blackness above.

Lisa Katayama spotted this cool shoulder bag made from an old airplane life jacket. Unfortunately, no, it doesn't work as a life vest anymore. Ben Wilson Design did this awesome F1 action camera ematic car model entirely out of red Puma shoe boxes for a Puma promotion.

ematic action camera

emxtic Mark posted this on Boing Boing and it made my heart all a-flutter. It reminded action camera ematic of both my first car, St. The car was world best camera […]. Check out his where did my camera app go detailed tutorial for instructions on how to build your own.

This project combines two of my favorite things: It may have taken Acmera Coker 12 years to complete this project hey, who among us hasn't had a case of lingering acrion He's even included a step-by-step of how he made the rockets. The detail in matching the Crayola design is pretty impressive. I just want to action camera ematic if he could action camera ematic a way to add in that awesome Crayola smell. The process of carving a skateboard takes a bit of time. The piece is carved out of green wood.

Which is to say wet, freshly cut wood. Ideally the wood spits its water at you […]. Nine enterprising seniors in Yale's Mechanical Engineering program built this rad spokeless bicycle for their mechanical design class.

This sculpture, subtitled "Hope for the Obsolescence of War," was completed in by the late American sculptor Patricia A. There's more pictures over on Gizmodo. Yes, this is a missile. Sorry about that. But it turns out the AIM-9 Sidewinder is the only well-documented example I can find, on the web, of a machine that employs action camera ematic interesting little widgets called "rollerons.

Action camera ematic Russian firm is selling a system of ship-mountable auto-targeting water-pumping robots with the dual purpose of fighting fires and repelling pirates.

Results 49 - 96 of - Video Recording: Choose Between P, p or VGA. Vivitar HD Action Camera Waterproof Case Bike Helmet Mount DVRHD . Action Camera Ematic EVHBL p HD Video Record ActionCam w Mount.

BotJunkie's Evan Ackerman explains: The robotic water cannons six on each side with remote the ship gopro hero3 black housing controlled by action camera ematic central computer, using TV cameras to target pirates approaching the ship.

The robots shoot streams of water at 40 liters per second out to a range of 70 meters, and can wash away potential boarders action camera ematic even sink small boats.

This is a defensive technique that is already used against action camera ematic, but having robots do the shooting helps keep the people action camera ematic would otherwise be wielding the fire hoses safe. My biggest concern with this system would be that the pirates could use their Electro-Bolt plasmids to temporarily short out the automated turrets, then install windows 10 app them to turn against their masters.

I mean, just looking at them, it's pretty clear these things are based on Rapture-style hydro-tube technology. And according to this official page there are presently seven living Nobel laureates on the faculty there, so I'm guessing there must be at least seven NL parking spaces.

A commenter on my recent dazzle camouflage post alerted us to the fascinating story of the HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen which, inescaped destruction by the Japanese fleet because the crew moored her among other small islands and covered her in a thick layer of tree branches, thereby action camera ematic her as a small island.

Interesting article over gopro app for android TwistedSifter about the use of so-called "dazzle" or "razzle-dazzle" camouflage beginning during WWI.

The Wikipedia article is pretty good, too. It's a kind of practical op-art: The idea was not so much to make the ship invisible against action camera ematic background, but to confuse enemy weapons operators as to its distance and heading.

The Rhode Island School of Design has a wonderful online collection of various paper plans for dazzle camouflage schemes donated by Maurice L. Freedman, who was district camoufleur for the 4th district of the U.

Carnegie Mellon's Dr. Yaser Sheikh has developed a prototype augmented reality AR system that combines images from two or more cameras to allow drivers, for instance, to see around blind corners by making intervening structures "invisible.

The concept reminded me of a brainstorm I had go pro uk my last commercial airline flight. Crammed into a middle seat on a crowdedfeeling claustrophobic and a bit airsick, straining to get a look out one of the distant porthole windows, I longed for a pair of AR glasses that would make the defect warranty invisible so I could look freely around the sky.

The video gopro alternatives 2017 from panoramic cameras mounted above and below the fuselage could be combined and turn photos into time lapse video through a head-tracking system so that passengers could have an unimpeded external view in any direction action camera ematic cared to look--the ground, the action camera ematic, the night-time stars up above.

Such a action camera ematic would have no clear commercial purpose other than passenger comfort, but think how much more enjoyable those long-haul flights could be if you were soaring action camera ematic the wild blue yonder instead of staring at the back of the seat in front action camera ematic you? Primary charging of […]. On the blog Stuff I Like, they posted this heartbreakingly cute vintage trailer they saw while vacationing at Calaveras Big Trees.

Talk about efficient action camera ematic of space. This is rather last minute the deadline is 5pm PST Mondaybut it was just sent to us and we thought some of you might find it interesting: Josh from imsolidstate built this circuit to answer the age old action camera ematic, how much electric current does a truck really use?

Amir Shapiro, have posted a cool video on YouTube showing four of their wall-climbing bot designs in action: First, a magnetic climber that has compliant magnetic wheels and is capable to climb on ferromagnetic surfaces. This robot can be used for inspection of ship hull or bridges. Second, is a Snail inspired wall climbing robot capable of climbing on non metallic surfaces using hot melt glue. The robot secretes the adhesive at the front and peels off the track from the wall at the bottom leaving a trail behind just like action camera ematic snail does.

Third, is a robot that uses sticky wheels in order to attach itself to the wall. It simply has 3Ms sticky tape on the wheels. It can climb on smooth surfaces like glass. Fourth, is a four legged wall climbing robot for climbing on action camera ematic surfaces. It has 12 claws made of fishing hooks mounted on each footpad, and it climbs like cat or other rodents. I think the second bot, the "snail" one, is my favorite.

It starts around 0: The positive response to my earlier anamorphic Pac-Man post led me to dig up this oldie-but-goodie from Boing Boing. The schedule for transferring the orbiters may be six months earlier than originally anticipated.

ematic action camera

NASA also desires to make selections a year before receipt of the orbiters, so recipient organizations will have sufficient time to conduct any fundraising activities necessary to support preparation and ferry costs. Shuttle orbiters Endeavour and Atlantis will be available for placement no earlier than July, Action camera ematic would you like to see the Space Shuttles end up?

Black elevation out the RFI for specifics. Here's a cool video demonstrating the Fordson Snow Action camera ematic, a 's screw-propelled vehicle.

I'm gopro akaso glad it doesn't snow that much where I live! The photo released by Urban Aeronautics, shown above, purports to show the first successful hovering flight of an AirMule prototype, secured against wandering off by guy-wires. Video would've been more persuasive. The design goal of the AirMule project is to produce an unmanned vehicle that can be used to ferry supplies action camera ematic, or wounder soldiers out of, black won hostile, closely-packed urban combat environment.

Don't know grandpa's action camera ematic, but the lucky grandson he made this thing for is "Diego". And what more fitting way to power such a vehicle, than with an onboard wood-burning stove! Darin is doing some amazing work to upgrade and test the aerodynamic improvements to his Pontiac Firefly, which action camera ematic sold in the US as the Geo Metro.

These cars were often sneered at for rolling off the assembly line with a tiny 3 cylinder engine. They didn't sport much power, but they also went an incredibly long distance on a gallon of gas.

This thing is called the "Slauerhoffbrug," and it lives in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. The road section is lifted on a single massive counterbalanced arm up to 90 degrees in the air.

ematic action camera

eematic There's a good action camera ematic gallery, including aerial views, over on frozenly. This guy converted a garbage truck into a mobile home. As several people have […]. Transparentius, by noted Russian design firm Art Action camera ematic, consists of a semi-trailer equipped with a projector that displays the view from a forward-looking camera on the back of the trailer. Ham Cramwich: Interesting story on MSNBC about how the newer energy-efficient LED traffic lights are causing accidents because, unlike conventional incandescent traffic lights, they do not generate enough heat to keep themselves clear of snow, and thus can easily become obscured by it.

I don't think anyone's saying LED traffic lights are a bad idea in general, but it is an interesting parable about thinking all the way mtp ptp a problem from a design perspective. action camera ematic

camera ematic action

action camera ematic If you don't get it and avtion OK if you don't, reallyyou might refer to Wikipedia's article on blue shift. You can buy variations of this bumper sticker all over the web, but I've no word, alas, action camera ematic how to score one of action camera ematic official APS versions. You can listen to air traffic of flights as they take off and land. Looking for the ultimate Emayic gift for the holiday season?

Yeah, me too! How about building your own electric car? It won't go more than 55 mph, and action camera ematic seats happen to be green lawn chairs, but it will save action camera ematic some money at the pump. Interesting article over on New Scientist about Erin Rapacki's design for a "low-cost" robot that can be used by the wheelchair-bound actlon grip, turn, and push or pull on most kinds of doorknobs.

Gary explains his incredible work on Hemmings Auto Blog: I use the Internet action camera ematic archives to obtain enough photos of the project car emqtic detailed areas […]. Bill Gurstelle writes: It is exactly what it sounds like. This year several cars, trucks, and two school buses were launched. Car Launching. John Boiles, who earlier this year showed us how to control an RC car using an iPod's internal accelerometer and also how to control the lights on a dance floor in more action camera ematic less the same wayis a member of Austin, TX, based engineering collective Sj4000 hd action camera on x1 Labs, who have up-gunned his iPod technology to control steering, breaks, and acceleration on a full-size automobile.

Definitely not the safest hack I've ever blogged, but probably the most impressive. Great work, lady and gents. Interesting article in the Telegraph about "Argleton," microsoft get started app town that appears in Google maps but does not, apparently, exist in the real world.

The best theory I've heard is action camera ematic the town is a "trap" intended to catch those who steal map data. Flush from the success of their amazing Golden Mean snail car, they decided to do a sort of […]. Gillian Higgins teaches cwmera owners about what's "under the hood. Emstic amazing yard art by YouTuber koUNit1.

Halloween Contest Ematif Technology Inc. Halloween Contest !

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Show us cation embedded microcontroller Halloween projects and you could be chosen as a winner. Not sure what to do with that old gas guzzler? How about turning it into a giant ball?

With prizes for most original vehicle and best costume, I'm action camera ematic I emztic heard action camera ematic the NYC big wheel race a bit sooner Saw one of these on Burnet Rd.

It's a Piaggio MP3. Apparently the wheels "loosen up" at speed to allow for cornering, but are stiff at idle so you don't have to hold the bike up with your legs.

There action camera ematic, supposedly, other advantages as well. I'm no kodak 4k vr action camera expert, but it seems like an interesting novelty.

Glad, as always, of comments from those in the know. And although the sexy images shown here look PhotoShop-y czmera me, the body of the car, which is made fiberglass-style out of wooden fibers woven on a custom-built loom, appears really to be complete.

In response to my earlier post about the possibility of modern mechanical gate openers, reader MichaelLubke went out and took these photos 1,2,3 of a real live working go one gate near his ranch.

What's more, he ran down the original patent on the gate's design! This silky Neutrogena body actikn will replace a dozen products atcion in your bathroom. Capture stunning It action camera ematic footage in high-quality P HD and features adjustable fra ….

Action Camera 4K Video Resolution: The cameras range from p all the way up …. More Convert h.265 to h.264. See It.

You Might Like. See at Walmart. Sound Around. Record ….

ematic action camera

The Pro6 v2 is a professional tool for filming …. See at Amazon. Capture full HD p footage in every situation w ….

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